Living on Mars

This is our goal. To inspire people to live, laugh and love on Mars.
We share knowledge by organizing activities like lectures, debates and conferences that can contribute to the exploration and settlement of Mars.

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Game night – Terraforming Mars

Are you a board gamer and interested in terrafoming Mars? The Mars Society Netherlands organize playing the Terraforming Mars board game! Its a heavy engine building, card drafting game. You do not have to know the game itself, the rules will be explained before we start. Expect a play time of 3-6 hours depending on how experienced you are with

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Summer Conference 2021

Summer Conference Happy & Healthy Living on Mars  Organized by the Mars Society Netherlands On June 28th the Mars Society Netherlands is organizing a conference around the theme ‘Happy and Healthy Living on Mars’! If you want to join this virtual conference, please leave your email address below or at the bottom of the page. Link to our Live Stream

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Mars quiz for kids

The Mars Society Netherlands have created a fun and educative quiz for kids! Suitable for ages 12 to 16. Play it together at home or in the classroom and find out who knows Mars best: Link to Kahoot quiz

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Winners Writing Contest

These are the winning stories of our writing contest.  The winners have all been notified and will receive the t-shirt with our logo, also available in our webshop. The winning stories are (in random order) Izabelle by Christian Schmidt from Germany The Harvester by Anandmayi Bhongade from India The Colors of Mars by Bernard Craz from the US You can

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Short Story Writing Contest

Because we can’t organize any physical meetings for the time being, we want to ask you to write a short story that takes place in a future Martian society. Your story can go about anything you like, but it should be set against the background of people living on Mars. We would like you to describe the solutions people have

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Ethical Discussion on the Colonization of Mars

The Mars Society Netherlands is organizing discussion meetings on the colonization of Mars. Considering the rapid technological advancements in space fare and plans to settle the red planet within the coming decade, we think it’s crucial that we talk about the ethical consequences of these plans. As a participant of one of these meetings you’ll be invited to give your

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