Living on Mars

This is our goal. To inspire people to live, laugh and love on Mars.
We share knowledge by organizing activities like lectures, debates and conferences that can contribute to the exploration and settlement of Mars.

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Food for Mars and Moon

On June 28th the crew of the Mars Society Netherlands visited the Food for Mars and Moon project at Wageningen University, led by Wieger Wamelink. What distiguishes him from other space farmers around the world, is that they are looking at hydrocultures, while he is working with soil…

Crew kickoff

On a sunny Sunday afternoon at the end of March 2019, we - the people behind Mars Society Netherlands - had our kickoff meeting. Annemiek, Edwin, Magda, Tijn, Petra and Michiel gathered at the Space Expo, the visitor center of ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk. We started with a short…

Zubrin Responds to New Pence-NASA Lunar Initiative

In response to U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's NASA announcement in Huntsville, Alabama earlier today, Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zubrin commented:Vice President Pence's declaration of intent to land Americans on the Moon by 2024 was a welcome statement of resolve, vitally necessary to give the nation a…


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