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Here you have the second newsletter of the Mars Society Netherlands! Our society is growing and so is our network. Right now we're in the final stages of becoming an official organisation, so we can finally start organizing things for a larger public. 


Wear our logo!

The Mars Society Netherlands has ordered clothes with its beautiful logo on it. There are white t-shirts and polo's, with long sleeves or short sleeves and different models for men and women. The clothes are all made of 100 percent cotton. The short sleeved t-shirts we could even order in organic cotton. We know you cannot wait. Available soon in our webshop!




Recommended: Mars in Valencia

If you plan to go to the Spanish city of Valencia this summer, don't forget to visit the Science Museum in City of Arts and Sciences. On the top floor of it's imposing building, designed by the worldfamous architect Santiago Calatrava, you'll find an exhibition on the planet Mars. After starting with some general information on the red planet itself, you'll find presentations in text, images and objects on the exploration of the planet, it's portrayal in popular culture, thoughts on its inhabitants in science's past and present, etcetera. If you happen to be near, it's really worth a visit!


Summer break

Because some of us, and probably a lot of our readers as well, will be enjoying our well-earned summer holidays in the next month, there will be no edition of this newsletter in August. We will be back after the summer, though. Keep an eye on your inbox at the beginning of September for more news from the Mars Society Netherlands!


Further news:

image Food for Mars and Moon

On June 28th the crew of the Mars Society Netherlands visited the Food for Mars and Moon project at Wageningen University, led by Wieger Wamelink. What distiguishes him from other space farmers around…

image Call for papers
(2019 Mars Society Convention)

Presentations for the 22nd Annual International Mars Society Convention (October 17-20, University of Southern California) are invited,  dealing with all matters associated with the human exploration and settlement of Mars, including ...

image Finalists Selected for Mars Colony Prize Competition

Ten teams, including entrants from the USA, Russia, Poland, France, Switzerland and Sweden, have been selected out of a field of 100 competitors as finalists in the Mars Society’s Mars Colony Prize design contest.

image A Chaos found only on Mars

The cracked, uneven, jumbled landscape seen in this image from ESA’s Mars Express forms an intriguing type of terrain that cannot be found on Earth: chaotic terrain.

The feature visible here, Aurorae Chaos, is located in the ancient and equatorial Margaritifer Terra region ...

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