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With the appearance of this newsletter we've arrived at the end of 2020. While it has been difficult to organize any social events, the Mars Society Netherlands has been quite busy this year. Before the arrival of the pandemic, we started this year with two interesting meetings in which we discussed the ethics of going to Mars, in the Copernicus observatory in Overveen and at the MInistry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement in the Hague. After those, the focus of our activities had to shift from face-to-face meetings to things we could do together without seeing each other in real life. We organized a story writing contest, the results of which can be read on our website, And shortly we published a couple of quizzes in which you can test your knowledge at home. 

In the last couple of months the crew of the Mars Socciety Netherlands has expanded a little. We were joined by some great people who have contributed and hopefully will contribute many fresh ideas. If you would like to join us in spreading our message, you're still very welcome. Please contact us at


Activities: Mars quiz

As mentioned above, we have published a couple of quizzes about Mars knowledge on Kahoot! You can now test your or your kids' knowledge about the red planet. A quiz tailored to children aged around 12 to 16 years old can be found here (in English) and here (in Dutch). We also made a quiz with some more advanced questions. That quiz (only in English) can be found here.


Recommended: Mars Horizon

Recently games developer Irregular Corporation launched their game Mars Horizon. They made this game with the input and support of the European Space Agency en the UK Space Agency. In this strategy game the player will act as a major space agency, competing with other space agencies, in undertaking the journey to Mars. Build your own launch base, develop Mars technologies and send your rockets to Mars!

Mars Horizon


Further News:

image 3D print your own Mars rover with ExoMy

Europe’s Rosalind Franklin ExoMars rover has a younger ’sibling’ – ExoMy. The blueprints and software for this mini-version of the full-size Mars explorer are available for free so that anyone can 3D print, assemble and program their own ExoMy.

image Astronauts on a Mars mission will need to be 'conscientious' to work well together

The astronauts selected for the first human mission to Mars will need to have more than "the right stuff." People on this very long mission will need to possess an eagerness for doing the right thing, too. Conscientiousness, defined as "wishing to do what is right, especially to do one's work or duty well and thoroughly," has emerged as the key trait requirement for astronauts that will live and work on the surface of Mars millions of miles from Earth, according to a new study.

image Mars 2020 STEM toolkit

Perseverance, NASA's most advanced Mars rover to date, is continuing NASA’s investigation of the Red Planet. Only the fifth NASA rover destined for Mars, Perseverance is designed to build on the work and scientific discoveries of its predecessors. Bring the exciting engineering and science of this mission to students in the classroom and at home with STEM lessons and do-it-yourself projects covering topics such as biology, geology, physics, mathematics, engineering, coding and language arts.

image SPACEX MARS CITY: Elon Musk has a bold message for doubters

ELON MUSK'S PLAN TO BUILD A city on Mars is controversial, to say the least. Filmmaker Werner Herzog recently compared the idea to a Biblical plague. But the SpaceX CEO is not backing down.

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